The Butterfly Trees captures the majesty and dimension of the continents-wide and ancient story of the monarch butterfly, and brings sharp focus to the complexities of modern threats to its habitat, and thus to the very existence of this endangered migratory phenomenon. The story of the monarch illuminates issues of social justice, genetic engineering, mythology, spirituality and metamorphosis, ultimately serving as a powerful reminder that all life on our planet is interconnected and that positive transformation is possible.

This one-hour broadcast television documentary, shot in Hi-Definition video, will feature rare imagery of Monarchs in winter retreat, stunning migration scenes, and footage featuring the numerous individuals and programs dedicated to preserving the monarch’s habitat. The heart of the story lies in the intersection of the politics, economics, and the environmental policies that surround this amazing creature and its heroic journey. The stunning imagery, finely woven with on-camera interviews, and formal narration, will be set to a richly textured soundtrack to create an emotionally compelling, educational viewing experience.

The viewer will realize and appreciate the film’s passionate mission: the urgent need to save and preserve the butterfly sanctuaries and oyamel fir forests in Mexico, while exploring viable and sustainable alternatives for the local Mexican peasant farmers. Additionally, viewers will learn about the threats to monarch habitats in North America, and the simple, rewarding things they can do to help ensure their survival. After experiencing this program, the viewer should have a sense of connection with the monarch butterfly and related habitat preservation, plus a new and/or renewed motivation for involvement.