Kay Milam : Director/Producer
With over seventeen years of experience as a Producer, Director and Production Manager, Kay is well versed in all phases of production and is very much a “hands-on” producer. Combined with her love for photography, nature, history, travel and music, Kay is a self-motivated problem solver specializing in documentary production with a passion for complex large-scale film and video location shoots. She has been an integral part of the museum production community for over 15 years, and has worked as a freelance producer/production manager for documentaries, television programs, commercials and features filmed on location around the world. Kay consistently demonstrates intense dedication and commitment to excellence in her work. Her client list includes numerous national museums as well as notable Fortune 500 companies. The projects she has worked on have received top awards in several national and international festivals.

Kay Milam Credits:
• The National Aquarium, Baltimore, MA
• California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA
• Flint Hills Discovery Center, Manhattan, KS
• The World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA
• Talbot Productions and Oceana
• National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA
• Lewis & Clark Visitor Center, Wood River, IL (IHPA)
• The International Game Fish Association World Fishing Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
• William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library, Little Rock, AR
• Louisville Slugger Museum, Louisville, KY
• Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN
• Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville, KY
• The College Football Hall of Fame, South Bend, IN
• The Falls of the Ohio Visitor’s Center, Clarksville, IN
• Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY
• Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, Orange, TX

Robin Burke : Co-Producer and Post Production Supervisor
Robin is a film and stage producer / director with 25+ years of inspiring independent projects related to food, music and social justice issues worldwide. The feature doc, Music Makes A City, winner of the Gramophone Award in 2012 will debut on PBS Arts January 2014. Living Lightly, a poetic tome to the earth, has been screened at the Charlotte Film Festival, San Francisco Int'l Shorts Festival, Seoul South Korea Green Film Festival, Big Sky International Film Festival, Starz Denver International Film Festival. Award-winning Night Waltz: The Music of Paul Bowles, an Owsley Brown directed doc won the 1999 Hamptons Film Festival, the prestigious Spirit Award in 2000 and was shown at the 2000 Berlin Film Festival. Robin is also a certified mediator and restorative justice facilitator.

John Murphy : Production Designer/Post Production Director
John Murphy is a nationally-recognized Designer/Director and an industry pioneer in multi-screen film and video techniques. His work has been showcased in several major museum and corporate exhibits across the country and has been recognized for its expressiveness and high level of artistry which transports audiences into the heart of the story. John has just completed a series of videos for the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas and is currently working on a film for the U.S. Capitol Visitor’s Center. John was also the Design Director for the award-winning 360-degree multi-media theatrical experience at the new National Constitution Center. He has played a lead role on numerous nationally award-winning landmark productions including the World of Coca-Cola Las Vegas five-screen video experience, The American Museum of Natural History’s 18-screen attraction featuring habitats of the world, and At Journey's Edge, signature film for the Lewis & Clark Visitor's Center.

John Styron: Writer
John Styron is a writer/editor with over twenty years of experience ranging from museum media to corporate communications to advertising to professional storytelling and drama. For the past sixteen years, his primary focus has been on museum media with a commitment to bringing complex subjects to life in clear, compelling presentations, accessible to general audiences, satisfying to scholars, and pleasing to institutions and funders. From 400 million year old fossil beds (The Falls of the Ohio Visitors Center) to “March Madness” (NCAA Hall of Champions), from pre-historic Native American cultures (Dickson Mounds Museum) to modern politics (William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library), to the artistic journey of Woody Guthrie (Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services), John has brought his natural curiosity and love of a good story to a wide diversity of topics and institutions across the spectrum of academic disciplines.

His exhibition work appears as signature orientation films, immersive environmental experiences, gallery videos, interactive kiosks, and primary exhibition text. The hallmark of his working style is an unrelenting commitment to clarity, quality, teamwork, deadlines, and budgets.

Bob Perrin: Cinematographer/Director of Photography
Bob Perrin is an Oscar nominated, Emmy and Sundance winning cinematographer with a career spanning over 35 years. Bob is renowned internationally for his exceptional eye and ability to tell a story with powerful and compelling visuals. He has shot numerous programs for the BBC, Frontline, A&E, American Experience, 20/20 and the Discovery Channel. Bob was the principal cinematographer for The Farm: Life Inside the Angola Prison which received an Emmy award for best cinematography and a Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The program was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Geoff Maxwell: Sound Mixer
Geoff Maxwell began his career in production sound in 1981. He is also a voting member of the Cinema Audio Society and has conducted numerous workshops on latest production sound technology and field recording. He is especially adept at garnering excellent sound in less than ideal conditions. Geoff has worked on feature films, documentaries, museum projects, commercials and corporate videos. His client list includes BBC, National Geographic, Disney, WGBH, Discovery Channel, NFL Films, and Warner Bros.

David Crites: Editor and Engineer
David Crites is an editor specializing in the creation of visual effects and computer animation. He is an accomplished musician, studio engineer, video editor, as well as an effects editor. David is a master at the creation and manipulation of images and is highly regarded for his intuitive skills with software and hardware. David’s talents and abilities to handle highly complex projects are clearly evident in the 18-screen video for the American Museum of Natural History’s Hall of Biodiversity, the 5-screen World of Coca-Cola’s Everywhere Coca-Cola, and the World Fishing Center’s high definition film, Journeys. His client list includes many notable companies and museums. His audio and post production work spans over 20 years and includes many nationally and internationally recognized, award-winning productions.

Lesley McShane: Image Researcher
Lesley McShane is a highly experienced image researcher, specializing in research, acquisition and licensing for documentary production and museum installations. In addition to image research, Lesley brings over 12 years of experience as a story researcher, editor and producer. She has strong long-term relationships with a vast number of stock suppliers including National Geographic, Getty, Corbis and the BBC to name a few. Recent projects include the new World of Coca-Cola, the Museum of World Religions, the Clinton Presidential Library, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and the newly reopened Wright Museum of African American History. Currently Lesley is the Director of Image Research for a major film installation for the new Capitol Visitor’s Center in Washington, D.C.

Annie Langan: Production Coordinator, Web & Graphic Designer
Annie Langan is a photographer, graphic designer and web designer. Her photography work has been included within national and international exhibitions as well as several art collections, including the private collection of Sir Elton John and the Museum of Art – Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Her work has been exhibited in galleries such as Soho Photo Gallery in NYC and Gallery 2 & Project Space in Chicago, Illinois. From 2000-04 her photography was exclusively represented by Momus Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. Langan has taught Photography at Rhode Island School of Design (where she received her MFA in Photography) and Bellarmine University, as well as Video courses at the Experimental Television Center (Alfred University). In 2001 she co-founded, ran and taught at Arts Electronic, a video artist residency, based in Louisville. Langan is currently teaching Photography, Multimedia, Video and Professional Seminar courses at Kentucky School of Art.